November 2010
Celtic Soccer  Starts Fall Undefeated, 3-0
by Joel Carstedt

The Celtic Soccer Club continued their dominance from last year’s
season, starting the Fall by winning their first three games at the
tougher Reserves Division.
“We decided to move up to the from 1st Division because we
knew we are good enough to compete at a higher level,” said Al
Moss. “We wanted to start strong and make a name for ourselves.
It’s early, but people are starting to notice that they have to play
Celtic next week.”

The men in green were welcomed to the Reserves Division with a
drawn out affair against USA Palermo. The team was shorthanded
from the start, only listing 12 players in the day’s lineup. “Going into the game,
we looked at each other and knew that if we were going to get a win, We had to have everyone’s best effort,”
said Team Manager Dan Della. “I looked at the guys and said,
?This is it. This is our time to prove that we’re not just another team.
That we can not only play with these guys, but compete and win so
they remember when they played Celtic.’”

Compete they did. Celtic suddenly found themselves down a man
when last year’s MVP, Mike Kroeger, went down late in the 1st
half. Now, playing with no substitutions, they came together to
grind it out. The game, scoreless after the first 45 minutes, turned 
into a physical match of toughness. Celtic battled throughout. But in
the last few minutes, Nick Hamlin sprinted to the far post and was
able to put a toe on a neatly placed cross from Aaron Abert,
nudging the ball into the net and winning their first match, 1-0.

On September 26th, Celtic squared off against the always resilient,
Club Latino. Right away, Mohammed Elsayed found himself with a
free kick 30-yards out. He lined up his shot and struck a brilliant
shot into the net, giving Celtic a 1-0 lead. Then, Aaron Abert made
a stellar run from half field, received a pass and gently placed it
past Club Latino’s diving keeper, giving Celtic a 2-0 lead going
into the second half. Celtic sustained that lead, finishing strong for
yet another well-deserved victory.

On October 3rd, Celtic Reserve traveled to Brown Deer to face
against the Milwaukee Brewers. Not the baseball team? but a solid
group, nonetheless. Celtic dominated from the opening whistle as
Nick Hamlin received a ball from the left side and drilled a shot
into the net to open, what was soon to be, a welcoming party for
Celtic goals.

Minutes later, Hamlin again found himself in the box looking to
score, but was viciously taken down, giving Celtic a penalty kick.
Elsayed stepped up to the ball and guided it past the keeper for a
2-0 lead. Soon again, Nick Hamlin, the Man of the Match, took
on yet another defender and scored his second goal. Celtic carried
the lead into the second half where the flood gates were opened.

“They were tired,” said defensive stalwart, Dan Koth. “Our
defense wore their offense down and our offense put it away. It
was awesome to see.”

Mike Kroeger awoke from his offensive slumber, scoring two
goals in the second half. Ryan Schuettpelz, after missing numerous
chances, finally etched his name to the scoring sheet, as well. But
the goal of the match was Derek Cooper’s phenomenal strike in
the 70th minute. Cooper received a deflected corner kick near the
edge of the 18-yard box and placed a bending strike off the post,
providing an exclamation point for Celtic’s 7-0 domination of the